5 ways the Catholic Church supports healthy eating and will help you eat healthily

What’s your favorite meal?

To most people, it’s their favorite meal is something they make at home. But plenty of dieters say they would rather get that favorite meal delivered to their house.

Genetics can drive the stomach’s hunger level up and down based on individual genetics, so a diet based solely on what’s in your stomach isn’t practical if you want to stay on a healthy diet. However, there is another technique– known as plant-based eating– that often sees dieters opt for a more sustainable way to eat.

Plant-based eating requires eating animal-based foods only to supplement or fill in some of the gaps. For example, if you are a vegetarian but don’t want to completely cut out meat, you might eat lots of fish or beans to fill in for other meals.

And there is a good chance this diet is very closely aligned with the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

The early church was dedicated to the earth and its creatures and the catechism of the Catholic Church is similar in nature, pointing to the importance of protecting the land and living things.

This isn’t a new philosophy for Catholicism. Biblical passages such as “the earth is the refuge of the soul” and “the one who plants in the earth receives eternal rest” have been used by the church for over 2000 years.

It’s one of the reasons Christians often talk about what they eat and how it is important to maintain their relationship with God and each other. So while doing what works for you, consider what does and doesn’t support the church’s teachings.

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