Are you letting your ‘maltese tail’ get in the way of finding love?

By Dr. Phil McGraw, host of “Dr. Phil”

This week on “Dr. Phil,” Jennifer Giltner admits she’s had a hard time finding a man. Not because she lacks confidence — Jennifer has done just fine with a guy named Rick who met her at 24 on a singles event. But when Jennifer finds herself struggling to impress men, she thinks she’s forgotten how to be a lady and makes the mistake of showing her “maltese tail” in front of the wrong guy.

Later, Jennifer’s ex-husband comes to New York City with their children to celebrate his birthday. After being hit with constant hostile comments from the other fathers, Jennifer’s life takes a hit. To show that she’s supportive of her ex-husband and his family, Jennifer (by her own admission) goes out to dinner with a man she’s starting to like. The man may seem like a good match — for Jennifer, though. So why does she dismiss him?

In the world of romantic comedy, Jennifer spends too much time dating men who aren’t her cup of tea. This is bound to lead to all sorts of heartache. But in the land of real life, Jennifer’s story could happen to anyone. It would happen to you if you let one flirty moment slip and expose the other side of you.

After seeing Jennifer in the story above, you may find yourself wondering if you can pick up and move to Italy. You may be just as certain you’re better off staying right where you are. But I’m here to tell you that, in fact, you can improve your love life — and you can be happier — by taking a different path.

Dr. Phil McGraw is the author of “The Future is Unplanned: Finding Contentment in an Unplanned Life.” He is the creator of “Dr. Phil” and hosts “The Dr. Phil Show.” His new book is available now on Amazon.

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