Austria’s doctor, nurse strike sparks mass resignation

Written by by By Staff Writer, CNN

A survey of nurse staff and a walkout by doctors at Austria’s three largest hospitals on Sunday, October 7, have triggered an Italian-style “resignation” of health care professionals.

Over 250 staff at the Hohenschwangau, Mendenhall and Yagerring Hospitals went on strike after the Association of Austria Hospitals failed to resolve differences regarding the “unacceptable conditions of working” posed by the new healthcare system.

The strike forced HVS to completely close their main hospital in central Vienna and the Yagerring Hospital, 75 kilometers (45 miles) southwest of the Austrian capital, closed for 24 hours.

Many of the staff said in a press release Sunday that they “had no option” but to go on strike after making a “major effort to work in the new period.”

Medical treatment at the hospital has also been delayed for those needing immediate treatment, but certain essential tasks were undertaken by volunteers.

Austria’s last two hours of collective EU leadership

Austria has been preparing itself for the inevitable exit of its doctor and nurse workers in the wake of the EU’s impending withdrawal from the European Union, which begins on Dec. 21, 2018.

The world’s longest-serving foreign minister, Sebastian Kurz , will step down as Austrian Foreign Minister after he becomes Prime Minister on Oct. 1, according to an announcement from his office this week.

Taking his place is Karin Kneissl, 49, a leader of Kurz’s conservative Freedom Party (FPO), who served as state secretary in the agriculture ministry before becoming state secretary of justice.

Her defeat for the post of Austrian Foreign Minister will be the first EU row to be settled following Brexit and the upcoming departure of Gibraltar and Cyprus’s claim to the same seat at the EU table.

Although the post of Austria’s most senior official will be vacant, the post will still fall to someone in it until a new Austria Prime Minister is confirmed by the European Parliament.

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