Blackwater founder Erik Prince leaks documents in Iran letter leak

The New York Times reports that Trump’s father’s offshore company, ultimately owned by the president, was involved in shipping US-made mortar shells from Lebanon to Iraq and that at least one shell has been used by ISIS.

The newspaper found that a shell off the coast of Lebanon was marketed as weapons of “priority military forces” on social media, according to the investigation. “There was a market for that . . . it was seen as a legitimate weapon,” Carlos Sosa, the man on the phone, told the NYT.

The second incident took place in October 2014, when the paper said an M60 A2 weapon, a main battle tank used by Hezbollah, fell from an Iraqi-flagged vessel and landed in Syria.

“What we are witnessing is one of the most devastating proxy conflicts of the entire modern age, one that has played out in increasingly sectarian settings, such as Iraq, Syria and Lebanon,” writes Nick Schifrin.

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