Brexit: cabinet meeting happens as Theresa May heads for Newfoundland – as it happened

Theresa May will be holding her first cabinet meeting at the premier’s office on Wednesday morning.

Live coverage of the first cabinet meeting for the third cabinet under the May administrations. We will have live updates as well as updates from lawmakers afterwards. All tweets on this page are coming from @GuardianPolitics, with live links and re-tweets from other accounts: @hmscottpat, @WillsBProp, @samcorrigan, @paulhggj, @sambourgeois, @asasafrakis, @Galoofs and @KamalGhaniY.


We now have a Tweet from the B.C premier:

“After minister Gallant’s meeting with Premier May tonight, we’ve decided to extend the time for the report by the Cullen Commission to be completed by 6 more months to fall 2019 – September.”

The Cullen Commission – named after David Cullen, who was the premier of Newfoundland during the 1980s – has been looking into money laundering issues in Vancouver’s gambling industry for some time. The premier’s office is the home for the commission and therefore has no extra time.

This also marks the second time that there has been extension to the report’s completion.

The minister responsible for the inquiry was arrested in 2017 after some of his financial records were found in the staff accommodation he was renting from someone who was not being paid for. These same records also put Cullen’s office in a difficult situation as the property the landlord had owned had been declared a drug house.

After his arrest, Cullen himself said that the commission was “at an impasse” and when the two sides couldn’t come to a resolution, the government decided to dismiss its lawyers and hand over documents themselves.

Then, in August of last year, Cullen had to stand down as minister and fall back on his staff after the parties had had a power-sharing deal that would have given the investigation “complete independence” and “full authority”.

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