Cuban activists stopped at home, meet on commune told to stop meeting, US-based station reports

Cuban activists were blocked at home in Havana, where they went to protest against a crackdown on dissent, activists and a Miami newspaper reported Monday.

U.S.-based Radio Marti and the website reported that about 15 activists were blocked at an apartment where they had gathered to discuss a petition to hold a referendum on Cuba’s new constitution.

A group of plainclothes men escorted the group out and prevented it from entering the building, Radio Marti reported.

An online version of the Miami Herald reported that the activists, supported by other Cuban dissidents, were packing up for the night at an apartment in a western district of Havana when they were blocked from entering.

Cuban state media have repeatedly reported that activists are flouting government-imposed limits on gatherings. The state-run media has said the latest example came late Sunday, when unidentified protesters at a state funeral were seen driving around in a gas tanker that they had transformed into a truck.

Like others before them, the activists were traveling in a Land Cruiser they had converted into a pickup truck, apparently in defiance of a driving ban for vehicles after 8 p.m.

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