Dr. Roman: Vice President Biden still in the saddle after meeting with Pope Francis


I just got off the phone with Vice President Joe Biden just after the pope took the stage in Washington at a time when he still looked a bit bruised and battered, as some of us suspect are the natural effects of being the veep.

But, he also still has the enthusiasm and fires in his belly. He once said, “I just love being Vice President of the United States.” That’s one heck of a commitment that transcends even being the most important job in the land.

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I just saw him at a luncheon meeting with representatives of the American Public Health Association and he was as energized as I’ve ever seen him.

And I asked the Vice President if he didn’t mind, having the schedule booked with re-election at a time when the national economy is holding up better than most other parts of the world.

“No, I just love going out and talking to folks,” he said.

And a few minutes later he took the stage at the White House and gave the President a once-over.

The organizers of the time-honored Turkey Day gathering had given the President a survey that asked the question, “Is America back?” A fifth of Americans answered, “yes,” and it’s hard to disagree.

I’ll report back on the presidential turkey.

Dr. Roman

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