Earl Anthony Gay: My Children Haven’t Been to See Me Play in Years

Earl Anthony Gay coaches basketball at a school in the area where the owner of a hometown pizza joint served time in the state penitentiary.

The disconnect between Gay and his own fans was on display Tuesday in Orlando, Fla., as the Charlotte Hornets took on the Orlando Magic.

“It’s amazing when you try to play the arena and all the fans, the fans — remember the Great Depression in this place. The stores close. You remember, because I wasn’t here? Oh, you remember? It was horrible. I wouldn’t go back.”

For those watching the game, it was a moment to remember.

“They have this commercial in Orlando: ‘Oh, that’s the owner of Nathan’s Famous.’ Really? Who’s that?” He added. “Everybody knows what it means to be a good supporter.”

An offensive comment made about a past criminal incident that a player had was simply music to the ears of the older gentleman who wore a bright orange team shirt during the crowd shot.

“Just a small spark. We gotta build the flames.”

Gay’s passion for the game is unwavering. His passion for his city where he grew up was apparent.

“Love the city of Orlando. Love the entire area.”

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