Elizabeth Holmes is at a low point in her troubled life. This is what has happened to her.

Elizabeth Holmes, the billionaire founder of Theranos Inc., recently hit a low point in her troubled life. She was convicted of fraud on Friday in a trial in California.

She has been accused of exaggerating her company’s capabilities for decades.

Her reputation had been in shambles since a congressional inquiry implicated the company as guilty of keeping thousands of tubes of blood drawn from more than 27,000 of its customers.

Ms. Holmes started the company with her childhood friend Joe Holmes, who would later serve as the CFO. In 2012, Ms. Holmes chose to end the relationship with Mr. Holmes because, she said, he “didn’t have a sense of respect for my dreams.”

Then, in 2016, a major lawsuit erupted. Theranos and five of its executives sued an expert board for raising concerns about the company’s technology before it went public.

It then turned out that Mr. Holmes had provided positive testimony for Ms. Holmes in the case.

The relationship between Ms. Holmes and Mr. Evans began in 2013.

“So what is with these guys,” she wrote in a post for Fortune in 2015, responding to a Wall Street Journal article that had described a romance.

“What’s nice about being so incredibly supportive,” she said of her boyfriend. “And what’s really cool about him is he shares everything. I feel like one of the most validated people on earth. He doesn’t pretend to know anything about business or money. We communicate at every level of our emotions and conversations, without worrying about what people think or say about us. That’s pretty amazing. I love that.”

Ms. Holmes and Mr. Evans ended their relationship two years later.

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