Emily Ratajkowski opens up about ‘nude era’ and the photos that caused controversy

A model and actress said in a new interview that any photos of her in underwear would “stir up” controversy — despite the controversy surrounding posts showing her completely nude.

“Have I ever posted in underwear?” Emily Ratajkowski told Porter in an interview published this week. “I don’t think so.”

A photo of the model reclining completely nude on her back, just covering her breasts with a brown paper bag, got attention at the start of the year. But as Ratajkowski told Porter, any photographs of her in a swimsuit or lingerie would be “probably, like, a little bit more controversial.”

“My main focus is nudity,” she said. “When I work with photographers, whether it’s agency shoots or just like personal photographers, it’s really about creating what my body can do and how I want to present it. There are often questions about nudity, but only if they feel it’s appropriate to ask.”

The photo of Ratajkowski, showing off her famous model figure, prompted a number of questions. In March, Nick Anderson, head of the W Magazine fashion editorials directorate, posted on Instagram: “Never would have thought Emily Ratajkowski would pose completely nude, but you gotta love this Annie Leibovitz pic for @time.”

“Nude era = Ratajkowski era,” Anderson wrote. “I hope she models in lingerie sometime soon.”

Oscar-winning actress Reese Witherspoon also weighed in on the photo at the time. “Who knew Emily Ratajkowski was this sensual,” she wrote on Twitter.

Ratajkowski has denied reports the photo was for a book or piece of art.

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