European Airlines to Offer Liquor, Snacks After 5 P.M.

Corporations are planning to offer a “slippery slope” after 6 p.m. local time as part of a Europe-wide move toward more relaxed flying standards.

According to a BBC report, passengers around the world could soon be able to take “in-flight purchases” such as alcohol, snacks, and soft drinks after 5 p.m. when flying with commercial airlines, regardless of the country of the originating airline.

The “slippery slope” concept represents a break in tradition as commercial airlines are required to wait until after curfew for flights that may contain alcoholic drinks and/or snacks.

The new deal, which would begin next year, is being worked out through “a significant lobbying effort by European airlines and food and drink suppliers,” with an eye on the lucrative American market.

By deciding to start selling later in the day, airlines will also be able to tap into a tourist market that would normally be more inclined to stay out late.

In a recent press conference in London, the British minister responsible for aviation Andrew Jones, said he supports the move, telling journalists, “It’s good that something’s being done so there is some responsible use of drinking on board the aircraft.”

He added that he thinks relaxing curfew would also promote tourism and business, and “protect passengers on planes.”

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