Everything you need to know about the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu

Find out everything you need to know about the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, with this easy quiz.


As a child, Mr. Netanyahu was called the Hasidic Prime Minister and the “master of the Hasidic letters” by Haaretz.


Mr. Netanyahu has served in the Israeli parliament (Knesset) since 1996 and has become a political guru, garnering high marks for strong political and economic achievements and a scandal-free record in office.

Private citizen

Mr. Netanyahu is a political operator who designs his government like a businessman; on the phone, for example, he looks like a businessman. But he has more lifestyle than he lets on.


Mr. Netanyahu is the only person in Israel to lead a synagogue and country.


Mr. Netanyahu has eight children from five wives. His youngest, Yair, is 25 years old and next in line to be prime minister. His eldest child is 22, his middle child is 23 and the oldest child is 19.


“Acting like a woman is also a grave error.”

Addressing Israeli women who don’t wear tefillin


“Shalom, my wife!”

Mr. Netanyahu’s wife Sara

Last month, the prime minister revealed that he had been pranked by Sara Netanyahu who made his life a living hell by claiming she was bored of him and ordered him out of her house.

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated to reflect Mr. Netanyahu’s resignation, as well as the significance of his grandchildren to the Israeli prime minister.


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