Flying by 2030? Composers hope to create the ultimate business class

Written by by Mike Mahoney, CNN

We’ve got years to go before stratospheric butane starts to fizzle, but there’s no question that lightweight, electric propulsion — already heralded as an impending passenger mobility revolution — will play a role in a new category of business class in the coming decades.

A team of flight designers led by Air Innovation/designers Colin Priestner and Rebecca Frey has created “The Planner,” a sleek, minimalist retro-design that imagines the future of commercial aviation.

On its intrepid journey to create this vision for the future of flying, Priestner and Frey collaborated with the multidisciplinary Air Innovation Design Studio to identify and tackle design challenges.


Their time together was possibly the best chance they had to reconcile scientific and structural knowledge with creative thought processes.

A big challenge was defining what flight itself would be in 2025.

“The essence of business travel on the end of the day, whether in the air or on the ground, is the experience you have in the waiting line,” said Priestner, who sees the very business of flying as a festival of wonder.

Spa treatments, gourmet meals, artistic displays and novel in-flight experience ideas all figure prominently in the work of Priestner and Frey.

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