FNC Contributor Christine Haigh On Christmas Original Movies

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“Christmas brought out the Disney magic in so many classic songs and this one’s no exception. Original songs from Disney are nothing new, but the tunes do bring some much needed holiday cheer and this one has it all, delightfully re-imagined by two songwriting sensations.”

— Christine Haigh, showrunner and executive producer of the Hallmark Channel original movie “An Unexpected Christmas.”

Kick off the holidays with “An Unexpected Christmas” on the Hallmark Channel Friday, December 7 at 8/7c. The film stars country legend Loretta Lynn, Mark Dacascos (Murder In the First), Stacy Keach (Murder in the First) and Dylan McDermott (Untying the Knot).

“I’ve had a little bit of playing Santa over the years, but I’ve never actually be one. Maybe if it’s ten years from now or 15 years from now when I’m really at home in my house all the time, maybe that’s when I’ll realize what I’m missing!”

— Country music legend Loretta Lynn to CBN’s Chris Jansing about playing the role of Santa in the Hallmark Channel original movie “An Unexpected Christmas.”

“We’ll add some lift, some excitement, some joy to your Christmas.”

— Producer Bill Fox on the setting and theme of the Hallmark Channel original holiday movie “Christmas at Puss in Boots.”

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