Ford reaffirms position on Ontario high gas prices

On 7 August Ford Chairman Bill Ford reiterated his position on Ontario’s high gasoline prices – higher than national averages – stating that the government needs to keep the money in Ontarians’ pockets rather than going to the company.

Ford was in response to a memo, also sent by Premier Doug Ford in March, that said the province had to find a way to halt the shift towards green cars as it would be difficult to turn the economies around.

It’s the second time a major automaker has protested the government’s actions. Last week, Volkswagen issued a statement that claimed higher fuel costs would put some of its autos at a competitive disadvantage and prompt its entire North American operations to shut down in a panic.

“The [Ford] CEO obviously stands behind their business plan and believes it is right,” Mayor John Tory said at a media conference. “It’s difficult for him to see a way forward with Ford’s current business that makes economic sense for both the company and for the province. The Province needs to recognize that.”

Ford will be showing off its new Blue Oval plug-in hybrid LIT (long range electric vehicle) during the SEMA show, starting on 28 September.

We’re proud to announce our newest electrified vehicle, the 2018 Ford Mustang LIT, right at the SEMA show in Las Vegas. See you there! #SEMA18 #MakeElectronicWize — Ford Motor Company (@Ford) August 9, 2018

Ford will be unveiling a new 14-inch flat-screen Fusion screen designed for connected devices throughout the car, too.

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