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00:36 In 1961 Mike Sipe held the record for most Ryder Cup points earned on American soil, but in 1967 not only did Ron Streck beat Sipe but he had three more wins than Sipe in the great U.S. v. European duel that took place at The Country Club in Brookline, MA. This week, the 54th Ryder Cup is hosted on what the president of the European Tour says is “The most difficult course in the world”.

00:45 Over the weekend, the New York Post revealed that when US golfer Brooks Koepka said that Ireland was a better golfing country than Great Britain, he wasn’t being tongue in cheek and the statement wasn’t an April Fool’s joke. In fact, golf has become a major business in the Emerald Isle.

00:57 In 2008, the true cost of making the US Women’s Open golf tournament more like the U.S. Men’s is $76 million dollars.

00:59 Having spent a long time in Ireland, it’s easy to see why the Emerald Isle prides itself on a “Rough trade” that’s never compromised by golf. Our PM, Enda Kenny, opened the oldest golf course in Ireland’s history on Tuesday. Adare Manor, a private estate near Cork city, once was the home of a 1700s Earl of Adare and we all know about the EU-imposed economic austerity measures enacted by their host, the Irish government. At the time the Government wanted to spend as much as $72 million to renovate and repurpose the historic 18th century property. The irony of a private Irish family opening Ireland’s most important golf course on the back of the aid that Ireland received from the EU is not lost on anyone.

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