Jimmy Kimmel’s new turducken family meal is way better than that Himmler turkey

Nothing said Thanksgiving like that turducken turkey.

Jimmy Kimmel’s new family-friendly version might be tops, thanks to a head of hair shaved, eyes filled with cotton candy-colored mascara and eyebrows sparkled with shiny metallic stars.

Or it could be just the latest edition in the ongoing fight between Kimmel, his wife and their 2-year-old daughter, Jane, who recently underwent a complete hernia repair procedure.

Much like the rest of the Thanksgiving meal, the turducken video, first shared on Kimmel’s Facebook and Twitter accounts Wednesday night, was teased via the release of new pictures of the family, including a family-shaped photo of Kimmel and Jane from earlier in the month.

But there was one conspicuous missing ingredient: the turkey.

That was rectified on Thanksgiving, when Kimmel’s wife Guillermo de Borja edited a hilarious video that chronicled the preparation of the turducken.

The video is accompanied by a behind-the-scenes look at what appears to be Kimmel’s new turducken hairstyle.

The knotted, heavily prosthetic ear-shaped skull actually looks quite kind and gentle, given the nature of the turkey’s entrails.

Still, not a lot can be said of Kimmel’s Instagram effort, which shows him recording the food-making process on film.

“One of these days, when I’m not on television, I just want to make a funny video about Thanksgiving with a turducken,” Kimmel says in the video.

He eventually gets to the important part: stuffing and mashed potatoes.

Finally, it’s time to layer the whole thing together and cook the turkey.

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