John Tory: Toronto mayor steps down as speculation swirls

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption John Tory says he has nothing to hide

John Tory’s resignation as Toronto mayor, announced at midnight, has shocked the city.

Mr Tory led the federal and Ontario governments into the Ontario-based separatist province of Quebec in 1995 and later became mayor in 2003.

After winning a re-election, in 2014, he told the Toronto Star his only regret was that the City of Toronto wasn’t 100% Tory.

He faced months of speculation that he was considering stepping down. Now, his decision marks the end of a term marked by political tensions with his immediate predecessor, Rob Ford.

Now rumours abound about what’s next for the Tory: a return to city council, perhaps a new career in federal politics, or he could become a candidate in the federal election.

After Mr Tory’s announcement, Mayor John Tory said he had nothing to hide, and would accept all the investigations into his spending and conduct.

Here’s what he has said in recent days:

– 20 Aug – “While there is much I wish I could say, and much I wish I had done differently, I leave office with no regrets.”

– 22 Aug – “I want to say thank you to all of you who’ve supported me through the years. Your friendship and your confidence in me made this the greatest nine years of my life. As mayor, I am grateful for every day I’ve had the opportunity to lead our city.”

– 26 Aug – “We have done and we have accomplished so much, and the work ahead is difficult. Because of this, I decided that this is the right time for me to step aside.”

– 31 Aug – “Now, I will stay focused on the next phase of my life, and I’m sure you’ll all stay focused on the city you’re so proud of.”

– 1 Sept – “The rules on conflict of interest have existed for more than 100 years. That’s right, more than 100 years. So for almost a century, there has been one rule: If you’re in a position to receive the benefit, then the rule applies.”

– 2 Sept – “I was never involved in the city council’s deliberations at the time. But I want to stress that I have nothing to hide. And I expect all legitimate investigations into the issues now before us to be completed with full consideration of the law.”

– 7 Sept – “It’s been an honour to serve as your mayor. I hope the city will continue to be successful, and I will miss it.”

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