Las Vegas to become home to a new NFL team?

Written by By Staff Writer

Get your skates on. “The NFL has picked Nevada as the next location for an owner-controlled team for the Las Vegas area”, TMZ reports, citing unnamed sources.

The NFL is reportedly excited by the prospect of the Raiders playing in the area, which has tremendous passion for sports, and will send out an official response Monday.

The NFL’s discussions could even bring a new team to Las Vegas sometime in the next decade.

The Raiders have been scrambling to decide where they will call home in the future, and this situation continues the ongoing relocation saga.

According to sources, the San Diego Chargers expressed concern that playing in Las Vegas would cause them additional scrutiny from the league, which could affect the Chargers’ chances of securing a Super Bowl team in the area.

The Chargers also believe they have been in talks with the NFL about a franchise move since 2016, sources close to the team say.

The Los Angeles Rams will be in Los Angeles for the 2020 season and the Chargers want to ensure they are involved in future negotiations on a long-term deal for the area.

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