Let’s not forget about this thing: ‘Purple Grape’ restaurant review

Via Your Street. —[Celebrity dish from FOX411, NYmag.com and NYTimes.com staff writers]

Tired of taking the first ride home from the train station, you drop the children off in the stroller, hop in the car and head into the city to find a restaurant to serve you food for a snack. You find one, and the only other thing that registers is that you are in an airport. That’s enough, right? For starters, all of the displays with pictures of color photographs are in Thai, and most if not all of the foods that are on the menu are served in a manner that looks similar to cookies, and everything on the menu is named “Purple Grape.” It does not matter that your decision was based on the recommendation of your Zagat friends, your husband’s old boss at a cafeteria or you hoping to come across the nation’s hottest version of Scotch Beef after undergoing a reverse mastectomy. Or, even if none of that is the matter. All of those factors have been balanced by the fact that you did not want to spend 30 minutes waiting for a train, then getting stopped by a bunch of lizards that have congealed in the parking lot, and then waiting for your train so you could find an un-restrictive Manhattan berth to go home.

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