Lin-Manuel Miranda turns attention to Puerto Rico with epic new short film

Ticket prices are rising steadily and companies across the board have responded with luxury hotel packages of breathtaking extravagance. But for “Hamilton” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, it was too much. So he’s decided to give back to his native Puerto Rico. In order to raise $1 million in the space of a month for the hurricane-ravaged island, he’s making his passion project — a short film — available to the world.

And like a natural-born star, Miranda won’t be wasting anything. The short takes place in Puerto Rico, and directed by Miranda himself, we’re treated to very well-edited shots of palm trees, dancing birds, and breezy vistas in the different regions of the island. Then there are some very special guests — the likes of Lin-Manuel Miranda himself — and b-roll shots of flags from the different Commonwealths in Puerto Rico.

Mr. Miranda is an immensely talented musician and actor, and the film looks beautiful in his hands. It’s a heartwarming journey into the beautiful Florida Keys and the stunner of the Virgin Islands and more — and Miranda’s true power: He can’t stop talking about Puerto Rico, despite the blue-sky approach he’s taking. And after all, like great theater, this film is about storytelling, and music has the power to bring joy to an entire world. “I’m sorry the movie doesn’t sell out, but I did it for the people of Puerto Rico. I wouldn’t miss this trip for the world,” Miranda tweeted. —C.S.


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