Manny Rivera tells story of his notorious golf coaches

A well-known golf coach from Sicily has made a chilling revelation about the men he coaches, and it has only gotten the attention of the foreign press in the U.S. The man himself, Federico Alba, recently told Silvia Donati of The Times of Italy that some of the athletes he works with are serial killers.

Alba, who is often associated with celebrities like ex-Rio Ferdinand and Marcus Rojo, said that he has no evidence that any of his athletes are capable of committing murder, but he is certain they are not athletes who have only tried to play golf, as Alba claims to be. Alba also explained why many of the older players he coaches, some of whom have been friends with him for 20 years, have reached a point where they are convinced they are killers. Alba says some of the players believe that this is the only way to preserve their honor.

“The older guys convinced themselves that if they wanted to play golf, then they would lose their honor,” Alba said. “This was even more of a problem for the younger ones. They tried to disappear. Many decided not to be around anyone with a public face anymore. They became psychopaths or killers, certain they are probably killers.”

According to The Times of Italy, Alba has put all of this information on his website.

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