Riding a high-powered ATV can get you run down. Senators are considering a bill to keep them off the road.

Delaware Sen. Chris Coons offered up a bill on Tuesday that would classify a driver’s ultralight, ultralight-powered ATV like B.1.1.529 and 300D, above, as an “Automobile or Motorcycle” in the aftermath of the lethal bus crash in Chattanooga, Tenn.

It’s on Coons’ desk for signature, but he has yet to decide whether to take it up.

What we know: Coons introduced a similar bill last year. According to a legislative summary, the Senate has seen multiple attempts to revise the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s regulations, including two non-fatal crashes. When the bill failed, though, the Senate debated what became the Born On The 4th of July Motorcycle Act of 2017.

Why it matters: The legislation would allow those with a special license or exemption for over-powered vehicles to keep them on the road and use them as licensed ambulances. The bill would also support officials from across the country to use any resources necessary to stop or stop a runaway vehicle.

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