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Playing at the Bolshoi Theater as a little girl in the early 90s. My ballet bug bit, and I started taking lessons at age 10. I joined the National Ballet Company as a full time lead in 2009 and served as the company’s Principal Chopin Artist in the U.S. until last year. I haven’t danced for years, but have danced every ballet from Swan Lake to Giselle in Russia, Japan, Canada, Italy, the Netherlands, and of course, in Washington, D.C.

Fox Life host, and new Fox News Radio Superhost, Debbie Schlussel sits down with Sawsan Chamseddine,

Sawsan Chamseddine: (laughs)

Debbie Schlussel: You know I know this town well, I know just the pulse of who might be doing what. I hear about everybody from the GOP primaries to – from the Democratic Party to the biggest Hollywood names in the age groups 7 to 19 to young professionals.

You seem to be at that sweet spot. You’re different and young yet you’re also experienced so in terms of this – there’s something else that draws you to this. It sounds like you have the perfect deal.

I think it’s a combination of things. It’s a blend of the childhood with knowing what it’s like to work hard and work toward your dreams and having that dream. It’s knowing how to prioritize. It’s knowing how to get up in the morning and get out the door and say –

Debbie Schlussel:

What do you do –

Sawsan Chamseddine:

What do I do, I ride a motorcycle.

You’ve done charity work a bunch. You founded Sawsan Kool for Change and Sawsan Kids and a number of other organizations and you have a number of young artists like me who work with you. Why do you do this all, and is there anything unique about this kind of charity work for you?

I think when you reach an older age, there’s a certain regret and a certain sadness that you grow up. And you don’t have children, and you don’t have grandchildren, and you have these grown-up needs. And for me – I have a son, who I love, and who I love to see everyday. And so when I feel that sorrow, it’s happening to someone who’s not older me. When you become very young at heart – you know you have joy and you have humor and you have the ability to really love and care about others, and that’s the thing that really keeps me going.

Debbie Schlussel:

You’re an American. There’s so many things that American dancers can be, but specifically stand-up comedians seem to have it all. Because you’re, obviously, funny, but you also seem to enjoy your inner child. I can almost hear you giggle at the tape recorder.

To be a child yourself is so much fun for me. I’m very young and I love that. I feel like, frankly, if I didn’t take up ballet it would be a pretty late night, boring night. And I think now that – my kids are much closer in age to ballet as I am. And so to be able to bring some of that – and to think about what I loved as a child? And it’s all brought back. And it’s all brought back to light.

Have a great day.

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Thanks Debbie!

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