The seven homes we hate to love — and the homes we love to hate

From quiet to loud, from peaceful to noisy and yes, you guessed it, a little bit of both, these are the seven homes we love to hate, based on Zillow’s analysis of millions of real estate photos.

#7 – 524.604 s, 9800 s, 110 s, 57 s, and 188 s

Yes, this one can get loud — this world-class waterfront home in Cape Cod’s Bridgton Harbor might scare a lot of people off. But the amenities are simply too irresistible to pass up. Envision a 1,800-square-foot heated infinity pool in front of an oceanfront home with water views; a kitchen with a breakfast bar, oversize granite counters, and custom cabinets; a powder room designed for a six-person party; and a manicured lawn. Views of other boats aside, the owners’ daughter Drew Barrymore converted a 1960s, two-car garage into a guesthouse, so a boat will also be ready for action if, say, you run out of Froyo at some point.

#6 – 513.345 s, 612 s, 464 s, 469 s, and 633 s

Enjoy nearly 9,000 square feet of living space with spectacular ocean views. But on the plus side, the owners have laid out a cozy backyard for all your barbecue, baseball, and water-skiing needs. Stroll the sidelines of the man-made beach and paddleboard through the family’s expansive garden. Book a trip on the nearby Boston Whaler super-yacht for four, spend a night at the luxurious Rockmere Lodge, then board up your boat again and go back to exploring the Atlantic.

#5 – 1224 S St. NW

Reaching the dizzying heights of 1225 S St. NW has a built-in advantage. Plus, the water views from here are totally worth it — not to mention the landscaping and pool. Keep the kids entertained in this newly renovated home’s modern playroom or take one of many routes around the green space while you fill your tank at the neighborhood gas station.

#4 – 205 S St. NW

Love the architecture but hate the parking? This spacious 1920s home has entrances on four sides of the property — so parking should be easy. And on the plus side, it’s still several blocks from the urban hub of Dupont Circle. Plus, the owners’ youngest daughter has already put her name on the marquee — she just moved there to start her own office.

#3 – 1 Park St. NW

Relax and take in the views from this modernist estate with private access to the river, even though there’s only room for one bedroom. Neighbors include State Dining Room and Kittredge Wharf Coffee Co. The owners’ four daughters live close by, and you could make friends quickly with their “creative peer group” of interns.

#2 – 2238 Foxwood Dr., NE

Set against Foxwood Hills, this collection of contemporary homes boasts a private beach, expansive gardens, a craft kitchen and a rooftop deck, plus 15 bedrooms, 12 baths, and pool and spa for a total of nearly 17,000 square feet. “I think about home, about what might really get my family moving again,” wrote the family’s former executive chef, Sam Ingber, who sold the house to another family a few years back. “This is one of those places. It’s so good you forget how comfortable it is.”

#1 – 1614 Palmetto St. NW

Have three words to describe this nearly 10,000-square-foot estate with many of the same details as #2: beautiful, classic, luxurious. If you like to party in a decadent environment, that is. It sits on a private beach that’s well-secured. But there’s plenty more to love, from the ocean-view deck to the private gym, cozy formal room, and gardens. And it looks right at home with three acres of land, including a modern guesthouse and a custom garage.

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