The trouble with sitting on your couch all weekend and Netflixing.

While most Americans are stuck sitting on the couch eating soda, and watching their screens, Reddit “geeks” don’t want to let their weekend go without checking out the latest in science. The Reddit community is everywhere – we even called them the Dork Side – and anything and everything with a nerd in it is sure to attract a lot of attention. Many of the videos we’ve looked at over the past couple of weeks have been spoiler-filled previews for March’s season finales. We made a valiant effort not to ruin them for you, but how much are you allowed to watch at once?

Well, there’s two main types of people: those who usually watch things on a schedule, and those who just kind of wing it. As a reporter, you’re totally like the latter group. But when it comes to making time to watch stuff, scheduling can become a real problem. The problem is compounded for those who subscribe to services like Netflix – you’ve got to figure out a way to get around the “missed episode” button, and the fact that you have to sit through 30 seconds of ads at the start and end of a show. Between our long commute and the fact that we live in a massive city where there is never enough time to read newspapers or take a break, we rely on our devices to do the scheduling for us. (It would help, though, if our phone batteries lasted a little longer. We use them to make calls, watch TV, and play games, to name a few things.)

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