Wedding organ transplant explodes stereotypes

Written by Staff Writer at CNN London, Gavin Elliott

A traditional English winter holiday is transformed into an epic romance in new documentary “Best Kept Secret,” which is inspired by the British comedy film “The Ladykillers.”

To mark the Thanksgiving holiday season in the U.K., a series of hidden cameras filmed a British couple as they walked down the aisle and off into the sunset, on the same date 20 years ago.

An imagined future where they finally tied the knot emerges at the end of the film.

The clip opens with a heartfelt proposal to Alex Ajuola, who works in marketing and music, from his girlfriend Tara Jang, a lawyer.

When she says yes and hangs onto his arm as he breaks into tears, the frozen air and his rushing tears offer a complete contrast to the scene the next day.

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She has changed her dress, and the line through the garden is now different — the garden has become a balcony. She tells him: “I want a real London wedding.”

They run down, past a field where they stopped the previous day to take pictures. She walks closer and shouts: “That’s the longest we’ve been apart.”

He tries and struggles to be honest: “No, that’s the longest we’ve been apart!”

Over the course of the weekend they try to follow the tradition of sitting together at dinner in a pub. Her hands never touch his feet, because she has to reach her wine glasses, and as she walks through the woods there is a conspicuous absence of her smile, in a darkened forest.

All of the words come slowly and simultaneously, as she walks through the air, looking like a flying moment at the end of a film.

Finally they get married, in the wedding chapel above a lake. In the documentary she talks about her dress: “It was too short for me and it’s too short for him,” she says, as she negotiates the silk undergarments.

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She’s feeling a bit silly, and he laughs, pulling her in for a kiss.

“I like how flat you are, Alex,” she says. “Now it’s time to get married. Now my body is flat. I have arrived.”

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