Elderly woman shot and killed after grandson robs her in Los Angeles, shoots another boy dead in Brooklyn

Rosa Angeles, an 80-year-old handywoman, was shot dead Wednesday, one day after two boys were shot dead in separate incidents in Brooklyn, New York. Ms. Angeles was shot in her Los Angeles driveway by her 19-year-old grandson, who had followed her car around the block for hours.

She was discovered in the backseat of her silver Cadillac SUV by a friend at 6:44 p.m. She had been shot twice in the neck and once in the chest, according to police. “It’s been a really weird day,” her son, John Angeles, told KABC-TV.

Authorities had chased Ms. Angeles’ grandson through neighborhoods in South Los Angeles in a car and on foot, where they asked him for his license plate, in an attempt to track him down. But when they approached her car, the teenager gave himself up.

The following morning, a day after the elderly woman’s death, two boys from a predominantly African-American community were shot to death in Brooklyn’s east end. Eyewitnesses told a local news station that the boys had been playing with a gun when they were shot and are thought to have stopped by the house of a child with whom they had made friends. Police have not announced a suspect, and, according to one local activist, the killers of the boys have not been identified.

In the Los Angeles case, police arrested the grandson for Mr. Angeles’ death on Wednesday. The Los Angeles Times noted that he was on probation for narcotics charges from last fall.

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