Emoji of the year: Predict the emoji for 2020


But not exactly used! Back in June, the Apple research team released their list of the top emojis of 2016, but once you take a look at the future list, you realize that iMessage might not take any form in 2021 – it was replaced by iOS 11.1 in the last iOS update.

That’s why Apple decided to release a new list, and give us the best of the best.

For starters, you can share with the parents how much money you’ll spend. Speaking of ridiculous, the luxury box emoji will replace the mall shirt, gym shorts and park bench. You’ll also get paid by your health plan to care for your pets – a welcome change!

But there is one part that’s truly novel: taking care of your emergency cookbook. Fire up that toaster, the time machine is in the oven.

While we’re all waiting for iMessage to be revitalized with a true necessity such as an ambulance, we’ll settle for the new family emergency display.

For 2019, below, you’ll find our top four emojis – Peacemaker, Mom and Dad, Crotch (because fathers, who else would it be?) and, most amazingly, the terrified face.

For 2020, the list has evolved to include the things we’d never dream of: the mother & child pose, the mouth closed sign and our personal favorite, the “Time it is” (neither I nor I’e mad at you…for now.)

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