The difference between the December ski season and the rest of the year in Colorado

With the changing seasons of the year in Colorado you can either count your blessings or wish on a star that it was back to summer.The Colorado Ski Country USA report shows that the snowy start to the season has led to a major draw with delayed skiing and snowboarding visits in December. However, this is not an unusual phenomenon for the ski destination which in recent years has witnessed a late, late start to the ski season. This year is no different with the opening week of the season averaging around a foot of snow.

The storm system responsible for the early snowfall has set off a domino effect of snows in the foothills and mountains. Avalanche warnings were put in place across areas, including the Moster Pass, and homeowners in the Denver area were warned to clear snow and debris from around chimneys.

Although this snowy weather has relieved the demand for snow, ski resorts are not sure how long the wet weather will hold, or how much snowfall they will have to rely on until spring. Ski resort operators in the state have two expectations, and one from each perspective.

The first and most important is the snowfall in December, and the natural snow factor that could have been, instead being let down by poor snowfall this December. Colorado Ski Country USA are worried about the lack of natural snowfall; the state is home to a large mountain range that is at the end of it’s season, and the elements play a big part in the industry. Fortunately, this season was good for those resorts, and are hopeful that things will improve. The second hope is that because of the wintry weather the ski resorts have more ski days available, that this will help to keep the skiers and riders coming, for the duration of the winter season.

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