The Duchess of York: “I was Most Constricted In The Royal Family”

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Sarah Ferguson shares the struggles she faced during her role as the duchess of York and dishes the dirt on why she was “most persecuted woman” in the royal family during an interview with FOX’s Michael Strahan.

Sarah explains why she is here, sharing stories from the royal wedding, and says she understands why people may question their relationship because of how she was treated during her own marriage. The Duchess says she was close friends with Prince Andrew before she met Prince Andrew’s mother and he was not comfortable in admitting their relationship.

After their divorce, Sarah did a documentary and talked about her time as the duchess, revealing she had depression and was bullied and called “fake.” Ferguson also explains why people are so drawn to her story, adding that her has a great sense of humor, and loves spicy food.

Watch More with Sarah Ferguson below:

The Duchess of York discusses her condition, depression, bullying and how she was “most persecuted woman” in the royal family.

The Duchess of York recalls meeting Prince Andrew’s mother Princess Diana, and her moment with the duchess.

And, she shares details about her time attending the royal wedding, and how it will be her last.

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