The service for Senator Bob Dole

Mr. Dole’s funeral is being moved to Washington National Cathedral, but not until the five seamstresses who had made his outfit are paid. According to reports, clothing for the funeral will be made outside the cathedral today, and it is still unclear how many pieces of the funeral attire will be made in the United States.

From their experience with the catering hall, Mr. Dole’s has not prepared anyone to do the necessary paperwork for the team of seamstresses who had been working with the senator for the past four months. A minimum of 500 pieces of clothing are expected to be placed on display for all the nation to view once they are paid, with the clothes distributed to various churches in the area of the funeral. People who want to rent the clothes can do so for $7,500, with long sleeves/shorts also available. Approximately $20,000 will be used to cover necessary materials and packaging, and another $200,000 to pay the seamstresses in full, with the expectation that they will only work five days. The largest clothing museum in the nation, the National Museum of American History in Washington D.C., will host those who attend the funeral.

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