Toronto Man Arrested After Woman Finds Camera in Target Changing Room

A Toronto man is facing charges of voyeurism after a model at a local model supply store allegedly found a device in the men’s change room and reported it to police, CTV reported.

Shawn Pearce, who works for supplier Dermalogica, reportedly walked into the men’s changing room at Target Toronto to change on June 12.

While he was changing, the woman who was purchasing clothing nearby heard something start up. When she walked over to check on Pearce, she saw a tiny camera connected to a memory card.

A customer shopping next to Pearce reportedly walked over to the woman’s station as she talked to Pearce about it.

When police arrived, Pearce was able to admit to installing the device and recalled telling himself not to leave it unattended when he left his backpack inside the store.

Pearce was arrested the following day.

The local police told CTV he was given a desk appearance.

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