Toronto commuters complain about subway construction

Image copyright Angelo Ciambrone Image caption When the new subway link opens, it will be easier to reach Dundas and north York Centre

Toronto transit authorities have moved an alternate route for the Yonge Street subway extension due to complaints from residents.

Media reports said the problems began when the subway construction started running through residential streets in late June.

But city officials said moving the route was not their responsibility.

The north-to-south line is the first link to bring rail transit to the nearby Kensington Market and York University.

The work involved construction of 19 kilometres of tracks and 11 stations.

It is being paid for with funds from the Canada Transportation Act.

Officials said moving the route had nothing to do with local residents.

“This was a designated Transitway line. The TTC has complete control over the use of these lines, so they could not retroactively say this [construction] was causing their problems,” spokesman Anthony Smith told the CBC.

Rather, he said, people were frustrated by the new subway that has appeared out of nowhere.

“People knew this subway was going to be coming so they expected it to take place over a longer period of time.

“This is a disruption to people, so they don’t understand why this is an issue. We’ll work to make it better.”

Image copyright URP Image caption The TTC said the route was “designed to increase the travel time to and from downtown from outer wards”

The line is due to open in December.

Toronto Transit Commission spokesman Shari Schwartz-Maltz told reporters that the Toronto Transit Commission’s “performance plans” were in place and the system was safe.

“There are several layers of authority and control for all aspects of construction and operations of Yonge Street subway.”

Meanwhile, the TTC has been busier than usual this month.

It is running an extra 3,400 buses daily and a safe bus outreach programme is also in place to encourage commuters to take the bus.

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