Britney Spears is now free to enter the US

by CNN Staff • Updated 4th June 2019

For Britney Spears, an 18-month lifetime ban from entering the United States as part of her conservatorship is over.

Now, if she decides to enroll in a California college, her permission to enter the country will automatically be renewed.

The pop star’s conservatorship was terminated on March 7, her attorney, Andrew Wallet, told CNN Friday.

“Britney Spears is currently in California. She’ll be with family for the weekend,” Wallet said.

Although she has spent 18 months out of the country, she is technically still under the conservatorship because she lives in France.

A representative for the 32-year-old Spears said she is in New York now, not living in France as she has made clear she does not want to.

In December, Spears posted a picture on Instagram on a plane with the caption, “I can’t believe my father just got released from conservatorship. I’m SO excited!”

It marked the first time Spears had appeared publicly since 2016. Her last public concert appearance was in London in September 2017.

“I love seeing you all here. Thank you for making my transformation… so much easier! I am truly your angel #YippeeIGotGettinFit,” she wrote in her caption.

In her song “Toxic,” Spears sang, “My dad put me in a conservatorship/But now he’s out my life all together.”

That line references her father Jamie Spears, who along with attorneys Lynne Spears and Sam Lutfi, was appointed as conservators of the singer’s health and well-being in 2007 after a court concluded Spears was mentally unfit to care for herself and her two sons.

Four years later, after it was determined her father and Lutfi were fully incapacitated by the 2011 death of their mom Jamie Spears, the conservatorship was dissolved.

But it was not until March that a judge signed off on giving Jamie and Lynne Spears title to all their accounts, she said in December.

In 2017, CNN aired a documentary “Britney: The Show Must Go On,” which explored the impact of the conservatorship on Spears and her sons, Sean Preston, 12, and Jayden James, 11.

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