Ralph Blumenthal: Putin Will Take Control of All of Ukraine in the Heart of Europe

The political and military trends within Ukraine are increasingly perilous as the government tries to free its country from the Vladimir Putin’s Russia-backed criminal gang.

Sixteen Ukrainians were murdered during the second round of the October parliamentary elections, according to The Economist. Many of the candidates had been harassed and intimidated by the government. In March, 40 people were killed in deadly riots at Odessa International Airport, where Russian “human rights investigators” are busy trying to find evidence of a massacre.

You can hear the clattering teeth of the settlement agents when the books go missing. And they soon will — this year, as Ukraine prepares to end the jurisdiction of International Criminal Court.

The International Monetary Fund has now also put together a few major loans for Ukraine. Putin is so confident that the money will dry up that he is threatening to invade Ukraine to grab the largest coal fields around. He wants to occupy all of his warm bays in the Bering Sea.

Putin has come close to threatening another land grab in Ukraine in the last few weeks. He sent a particularly strong Russian train, rockets, and cannons to Crimea last week.

The submarines have been hitting certain targets off of Crimea and President V. Putin has also attempted to recapture the Nagorny Karachai (township) as he once again tried to bring up gas prices on the Central European gas distributor.

Russia may be unsuccessful in reestablishing its domination in the Bering Sea, but they have a plan to occupy all of Ukraine in the heart of Europe. That is where the current Crimean offensive, as well as the Kremlin’s funding of far right militia, is likely to come to an end.

But Putin has said that this new blitz is in response to a NATO ground attack. If NATO does not back off the rest of the Ukraine will just be an easy addition to his arsenal of crime in Europe. Ukraine will offer the Russians more than the their territory. It will offer a place for their corporately owned media outlets to put their anti-Semitism out. The government will provide them with a pacifying view of their Crimeans as they rebuild Ukraine in a way that they hope will give them the place to plant their flags and celebrate the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Ukraine’s parliamentary elections are just a few days away. The streets are quiet, but the general atmosphere is still tense.

Ralph Blumenthal is an independent researcher and independent journalist and writer who resides in Moscow. He is president of the International Common Cause in Russia.


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