Toronto’s Art Gallery Celebrates Canada’s 150th Birthday With ‘Museum Experience’

It was for many reasons worthy of celebration, and now will surely be added to the permanent Toronto Art Gallery of Ontario’s (TAGO) Sunday brochure.

As part of the two-week celebration for Canada’s 150th birthday, TAGO has partnered with Canadian artist Robert Houle to create a gift. Houle’s painting, Red Is Beautiful, opened to public view Tuesday.

The piece, completed with help from his wife, Valerie Bourgeois, is a “museum experience,” according to TAGO, with elements such as treadmills, push-up bars, swings, swings, cranes, video screens and an indoor beach overlooking the sprawl of the city.

“I think there’s something a lot of people can relate to or identify with. It gives you a good way to look back at the history of this place and as we do it, as we’re like being on vacation — kind of standing there — that’s going to make you feel a lot happier,” Bourgeois said of the work.

Robert and Valerie Houle are already well-known for their community work in Cambridge, Ontario, including the joint organization, Community Health Alliance.

Despite the work’s temporary nature, the TAG may invite the public to tour the exhibit.

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