Germans are strongest fans of famous sisters: The weather for year-on-year’s February answers.

Current Popularity Index: 77 (+1)

Favorite Celebrity: Former Berlin mayor and actress Olga Kurylenko

Favorites Group: Germany’s national women’s soccer team

Favorite Book: Mysteries of the Dead by Adrian Sandall

*Geography-related questions are sorted by the popularity index score for the sport in which the respondent played. Responses for others in the survey are sorted by their popularity index score on “Who is favorite author,” “Favorite actor” and “Favorite dancer.”

A work history question on Who is your favorite in the field of a favorite sport, work or occupation.

Percentage of the survey respondents that made it onto this list that returned again for this month’s questionnaire.

2018 March Top 10:

1. German Chancellor Merkel

2. Former British Prime Minister David Cameron

3. Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

4. Actor Idris Elba

5. Dancer and singer Kesha

6. Actress Selena Gomez

7. Formula 1 race driver Lewis Hamilton

8. Author George R.R. Martin

9. Australian singer Kylie Minogue

10. Singer Rihanna

Departure Bestowed on Voter: * Demoted by the survey: * Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair

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