Was the Saudi journalist who was ‘assassinated’ the victim or the suspect?

Written by Staff Writer

An unnamed member of the Saudi-led group of anti-terrorism investigators has told CNN that the man who was initially identified as the presumed point-of-contact in the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, Salah Mohammed al-Tubaigy, was not the murder suspect.

The identity of Tubaigy was given in a statement issued by the Saudi Arabia-led coordination center on September 19.

According to a source familiar with the details of the investigation, as information gathered by the coordinated group of anti-terrorism investigators evolved, it was realized that Al-Tubaigy was not the suspect in question.

The source has confirmed that Al-Tubaigy was arrested on September 27.

Saudi Arabia’s public prosecutor’s office initially announced on September 19 that Al-Tubaigy and two other unnamed suspects were arrested for their involvement in the killing.

The Attorney General later announced that Mohammed Asiri, a former general of the Saudi intelligence agency, was also arrested for his “connection” to the killing.

Khashoggi disappeared after entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on October 2, 2018.

A former Saudi royal insider, he had been living in self-imposed exile in the United States.

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