Snowless sea ice in the arctic: The impact

By Daybreak on Thursday, 15 percent of the world’s sea ice had vanished since January, the rate of the loss first reported by satellite, according to an article by National Geographic.

The National Snow and Ice Data Center of the University of Colorado reported that the area of open water over the polar ice cap is currently approaching the scale experienced in July 2007.

The satellite’s data shows Greenland alone lost 0.1 million square miles over the past year. The loss dwarfs that of two decades ago, when almost half of all the meltwater runoff in the Arctic Ocean was due to massive blizzards in Greenland.

Scientists say they are concerned about this news, as one possible consequence may be accelerated melting in Greenland.

The Arctic is melting at a rate that will impact weather patterns in every region of the world and in the atmosphere enough that even in the next few decades we’ll know a lot more about it.

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